Break It Down For Me…How Is This Course Put Together?

The course is broken down into eight sections with a mini quiz after each section. At the end of the eight sections is a short 25-question test. The test is not intended to be difficult, there are no trick questions, and a score of 20 out of 25 will certify you as having successfully completed the six hours of online training required by the Ohio Revised Code.

We Know You’re Busy And We Value Your Time

We know your time is valuable, and we know life has many interruptions, so we kept that in mind when designing this course. You can stop and save your progress any time you like. No need to block 6 consecutive hours to complete the course, or start over each time you need to leave the computer.

Choose Your Device.

The course will work on your desktop, your laptop, on your tablet and even your phone.

No Instructor…No Problem!

You’re not alone. We know not everyone knows where to go to find a certified instructor for your in-person portion of the training, and we can help! If you have not found an instructor, please email us at and we will forward a list of certified instructors.

Upon successful completion of the online course, you can take your certificate to any CCW instructor teaching the two-hour portion, and finish the in-person part of the training as required by Ohio law. Make sure to check with the Instructor to see if he or she will accept this certificate. Some instructors will not allow online certificates other than their own.

Want To Save A Little Cash?
(Who doesn’t, right?)

Before taking the course, ask your instructor for his promo code and you will receive a $5 discount off the course.