Come take the “lead” with us! welcomes all qualified firearm instructors to join with us in making CCW training safe and enjoyable for all students.

Certified Instructors who email a copy of their Instructor Certificate to will receive a unique Promo Code. Instructors whose students sign up for the course will receive a $5 referral bonus for each student. Students using your unique Promo Code will receive $5 off the cost of the course.

All instructors can rest assured that has the best online CCW course available anywhere. During the six-hour class your students will be exposed in detail to:

Firearm Safety Rules: The most important rules and the good to know rules too
Ammunition: Ammunition malfunctions and storage
Common Components: Of all handguns and their function – to include:

  • Frame
  • Barrel
  • Action
  • Triggers – double, single and single action only
  • Sights
  • Grips
  • Hammers and strikers

Revolvers: How to load, unload and make safe
Semi-Auto Pistols: How they differ from revolvers

  • All the parts of the semi-auto pistol
  • Loading a magazine
  • Loading and unloading the semi-auto safely

Fundamentals of Shooting: From breath control to stance, and aiming to trigger pull. All fundamentals are explained in detail
Cleaning and Safe Storage of Firearms
The Ohio Attorney General’s CCW Booklet

Your Students Get Top Quality Training!

Each of the eight classes is followed by a short quiz. At the end of the eight sections, your students will take a 25-question test covering all eight sections. A score of 80% or higher will allow them to print out a certificate denoting successful completion of the 6 hour online requirement.

We’ve Made It Easy For You!

All you have to do, as the instructor, is cover the in-person portion required by the Ohio Revised Code. We suggest you, at a minimum, cover safety, functioning of revolvers and semi-autos (if the student has not held a handgun before), shooting on the range, and what other subjects you deem important to your students.

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