How do I receive my discount?

To receive your discount, you will need to use an instructor partnered with The instructor will then give you a promo code that you enter when registering for the course, then you will receive a $5.00 discount. Students must enter your instructor code to receive their discount.

Will I receive a certificate of completion from

Yes, you will receive a certificate upon successful completion of the course (with an 80% or higher). This will automatically generate when you complete the final exam. You can then print the certificate and bring it with you to give to your instructor when you complete your in-person training.

Will my in-person range instructor have to issue a separate certificate for the 2 hour in-person training?

Not necessarily. Instructors have the option to issue a certificate to students stating they successfully passed the 2 hour in-person training in accordance with the ORC. The instructor also has the option of keeping a copy of the student’s six hour certificate and issuing the student a certificate that indicates they completed eight hours of training.

I can't print my certificate.

Be sure you have disabled pop-up blockers. You may also need to download Adobe Reader or turn off Adobe website blocker. Students using Adobe Reader must have Adobe website blocker turned off to complete section 8.

I'm having trouble viewing Section 8.

Section 8 is a link to the booklet on the Attorney General’s website. If you are having trouble viewing, please disable pop-up blockers. If your Adobe Reader is set to block unknown websites, you may need to disable that blocker as well.

How can I find an instructor?

Visit the instructor partner page on the website. There you will find a list of our instructor partners, with contact information and areas they serve.

With the new law being kind of vague as to what curriculum is approved, can you provide me with that information about your program?

The current program is the same as the previous, except they left out the language requiring instruction on cleaning.

Are you approved and have authority to provide internet classes for purposes of obtaining a CHL in the state of Ohio?

There is no requirement to seek approval from the AG’s office as long as the course meets the guidelines in the ORC. Our course meets all of the requirements.

Can you tell me how this was approved by the state of Ohio? Is there specific criteria in HB234 regarding online training content, etc., other than 6 hours?

The bill doesn’t spell out the exact criteria it is more like they have deleted criteria. The six hours of training is not approved by the state just as the CCW course you teach is not approved or reviewed by the state.

However if you do not adhere to the Attorney Generals guidelines and the new law you would be committing a misdemeanor at minimum.

Our course fulfills all the requirements of the new law. We stand behind it 100%.

How much is it to take the online course?

Our online course is $49.99, but students receive a $5.00 discount if they enter an instructor code from one of our in-person partner instructors. If you don’t have an in-person instructor, simply visit our instructor page to locate one in your area.

What is the cost for the 2 hour in-person training?

Most of our partner instructors charge $49.99, but the cost may vary among instructors. Check our instructor page to find an in-person instructor in your area.

Is this course NRA approved?

None of the 6 hour courses are NRA approved, but our course fulfills all the requirements of the new law. We stand behind it 100%.